Best One Piece Fights

Best One Piece Fights

Deciding what the best One Piece fights is sure a difficult task, but we’ll try.

Over the years, One Piece has featured a ton of fantastic fight scenes. Here are the top examples we’ve so far seen.

Shounen Jump’s leading series right now is Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, which has been able to enthrall its followers over the years through meticulous world-building and steady character work. Contrary to its contemporaries, One Piece doesn’t spend a lot of time on fight scenes, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in some way because the show gives an anime trope that many people might have assumed was finished with its own brand of eccentricity.

The top fights in the series will be ranked in this list. Some of them have earned a spot just for show. Others for the sake of the story. And then there are those notable few who are only here for their absurdity and intrigue. SPOILERS follow; beware. So here’s a list of the best fight in one piece.

Kamazo The Manslayer vs. Zoro

Kamazo The Manslayer vs. Zoro

It already has a strong contender for one of One Piece’s greatest fights ever, which is evidence that the Wano Arc is shaping up to be one of the best in the series. It is impossible for Princess Hiyori to get away from Kamazo the Manslayer, the clandestine assassin of Orochi’s forces, despite her desperate attempts to save Toko and herself. But he was severely restrained, and it was none other than Zoro.

But it wasn’t a simple battle. In a heated argument, both guys had blades on the other’s throats. And while the manga should receive some praise for facilitating this interaction, the anime deserves all the glory because it required expensive animation to truly bring this fight to life.

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Donquixote Doflamingo vs. Luffy

More Best One Piece fights episodes. Few One Piece antagonists have garnered as much attention or generated as much personal dread as Donquixote Doflamingo. The future troll of all the Blues literally came into the One Piece universe already strong and evil. Doflamingo sold drugs, made money from war, used slaves as toys, and even murdered family members.

It was a grand crescendo of catharsis for those who were just looking for someone to remove Doflamingo’s self-centered smirk when Luffy finally stepped up to the plate. Another Warlord battle for Luffy, this time against a dual-wielding natural Haki and Awakened Devil Fruit user. This battle required all-out effort, and it served as the King Kong Gun’s and Gear Fourth’s official debuts.

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Jabra vs Sanji

Sanji hasn’t had many memorable bouts in the series, or at least those that fans would remember, despite being a member of the Monster Trio. The two characters that appear to dominate conversations the most frequently are Luffy and Zoro, leaving the combat chef to serve tables.

However, everyone got to shine during the Enies Lobby Arc, and Sanji finally gave the fans the epic fight they had been waiting for.

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Jabra, one of CP9’s fiercest members, a user of Zoan Devil Fruit, and a diabolical liar stood in his way. He made sure Sanji didn’t emerge from this encounter unhurt, but Sanji had a couple of his own scorching surprises.

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Eneru vs. Luffy

The fact that Luffy mostly prevailed in this battle owing to story convenience leaves some room for doubt. However, it merits a lot of praise for the fight’s inherent drama and action. One of the most powerful characters in the entire series is Eneru. He possesses the abilities to move at the speed of light, command lightning, shape metal, stop his own heart, and even utilize Observation Haki.

In Luffy’s early games, Eneru was a power of the New World caliber. Even though he was able to touch Eneru, Luffy had to use extra ingenuity in order to keep up with the godlike force.

Luffy vs Arlong

Every One Piece fan’s heart will have a special place for this battle. By the time Luffy’s sandals touched Arlong’s face, if viewers weren’t already interested in this series, they were most certainly won over. The first truly abhorrent villain in One Piece was Arlong. One of Luffy’s future navigators suffered from direct trauma as a result of his enslaving an entire community.

In addition, he belongs to a race of elite individuals who possess superhuman strength, excellent swimming skills, and some water-bending abilities. Arlong himself possessed jaw-breaking teeth and a huge saw. This fight would have been epic even without considering strength, but the story behind it elevated it to even greater heights.

Akainu vs Whitebeard

Whitebeard has led an all-out assault on “Firefist” Ace’s execution day in an effort to save the captain of his second division, and he is currently charging across the battlefield like the earthquake that he is. One of the more callous Marines in the One Piece universe, Admiral “Akainu” Sakazuki, a fervent supporter of justice at all costs, is attempting to stop him. Like other Marines, he believes that Ace’s execution sends a message to the entire pirate world that the World Government stands above all else.

The fight that follows is frantic and extremely dynamic, with Akainu putting Whitebeard through one of the grimier scenes from the manga (let’s just say that the anime only burns half of Whitebeard’s mustache), and Whitebeard shattering and burying the Marines’ red dog.

Blackbeard vs Ace

The fight between Portgas D. Ace and “Blackbeard” Marshall D. Teach is both a crucial moment and a skillfully choreographed fight, serving as the impetus for the conflict mentioned above and several other moments in the One Piece story. Up until this point in the series, Ace has been looking for Blackbeard to exact revenge for the murder of Whitebeard’s Third Division Captain, Thatch, and betraying the Whitebeard Pirates.

In order to further his own elaborate scheme for piratical hegemony, Blackbeard admits that he committed the crime in order to steal the Darkness Darkness Fruit from Thatch. The two then start fighting, which devastates the entire town.

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Senor Pink vs. Cyborg Franky

Fans certainly weren’t expecting this one. Who thought Oda could even elicit sympathy for a man wearing a baby carrier and a speedo? Eiichiro Oda brilliantly demonstrated what it meant to be a hard-boiled person in what at first glance appeared to be an offhand fight but ultimately turned out to be one of the primary highlights of the Dressrosa Arc. Despite their outward appearances, Senor Pink and Franky are both stoic, resilient individuals.

After launching a barrage of missiles and gunfire at Senor Pink’s evasive land swimming, Franky makes the decision to engage in all-out physical combat. While both of them deliver very spectacular assaults, the midst of the fight—when Senor Pink begins to remember his lost love and child—is the fight’s standout moment because it captures both the essence of his babyish persona and his

hard-nosed character.

Roronoa Zoro vs Daz Bones, aka “Mr. 1”

Zoro confronts Daz Bones, the Baroque Works organization’s top attacker and defining bounty hunter, in a one-on-one confrontation.

Even though Zoro has been honing his sword fighting techniques up until this point, he hasn’t quite been able to defeat someone as adaptable as Daz, who has consumed the Dice Dice Fruit, giving him the ability to turn any part of his body into a blade and subsequently turning his entire body into steel, a real step up for Zoro’s cutting ability. The two then engage in an outrageous brawl in which they slash one other and structure to pieces.

“Mr. 0” Sir Crocodile against Luffy

Perhaps even more impressive than Zoro’s fight throughout the arc was Luffy’s last conflict with Sir Crocodile, the 80,000,000 bounty hunter from Baroque Works. Crocodile has been preparing to overthrow the Alabasta government and has started a massive scheme to incite civil war. In order to preserve the interests of the entire country as well as his newly discovered ally, Princess Nefertari Vivi, Monkey D. Luffy attempts to stop him.

As one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and a better master of their own Devil Fruit, it is Luffy’s biggest conflict yet. In this match, Crocodile receives a direct punch through a city and into the sky, Luffy suffers his first defeat, and Devil Fruits evolve.

The Pacifista vs. The Straw Hat Pirates

Contrary to popular belief, the Straw Hats seldom engage in combat together, making those occasions when they do terrifying encounters, such as when they first encountered the Pacifista. The World Government has developed a new technology called Pacifistas, who are cyborg pirate hunters modeled after Warlord Bartholomew Kuma and outfitted with enough technology to rival a battleship. They have pirate-seeking targeting systems, devastating lasers pouring out of their jaws, and they are extremely powerful. The World Government’s robot army is being fought against, as each Straw Hat employs some of its greatest skills to take down only one of them.

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Usopp vs. Luffy

The altercation between Luffy and Usopp feels more intimate and personal than most other fights in One Piece, if not all of anime. Much to Usopp’s chagrin, Luffy made the executive decision to part ways with the cherished Going Merry and find a newer ship.

Not only was the Going Merry a gift from his hometown and first love Kaya, but Usopp’s apparent carelessness in discarding the ship also appears to be a hint that he would eventually be replaced. What follows is the heartbreaking dissolution of a family as Luffy and Usopp strike out at each other, much to the shock of the other Straw Hats. It’s difficult to watch and difficult to miss.

Kaku vs. Zoro

Returning to the lighter end of the fight scene spectrum, One Piece culminates in a battle that not only raises its lead swordsmen but also captures the special harmony of spectacle and comedy that only One Piece is able to create. The Straw Hats are pursuing several CP9 members throughout the Ennies Lobby storyline in order to obtain one of the one keys that can release a chained Nico Robin. It is Zoro’s duty to combat Kaku, a giraffe man, a master of the Rokushiki martial arts, and a covert assassin. Surprisingly, that final section ends up being the most hazardous as they engage in a battle that is equally spectacular and amusing. Do not undervalue a giraffe’s strength, please!

Rob Lucci vs Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy once more usurps Zoro’s bouts as he squares up against Rob Lucci, the head of CP9 and prodigy weapon, for the pivotal moment of the arc. Despite what it represents in the overall storyline, what actually makes this battle so unique is the fact that it is the first of Luffy’s confrontations to be determined entirely by physical action.

Many people may not have been expecting this fight, but they undoubtedly wanted more of it in the future because it so effectively and intimately captured the drama and conflict of a person’s struggle for freedom when confronted by beings of absolute justice. In this fight, Luffy employs new powers and techniques and ends up in a pure fistfight match.

Luffy vs Katakuri

As Luffy tries to save Sanji from Whole Cake Island, he encounters Charlotte Katakuri, whose Devil Fruit not only resembles Luffy but also possesses a strengthened version of Observation Haki that allows him to see into the future. Luffy views Charlotte Katakuri as his greatest test for growing as a pirate.

In this bout, Luffy experiences an astounding climb as he goes up against a force that seems unstoppable and outclasses him blow for blow while also engaging in a philosophical struggle as they each fight for their respective families. Any fan should make the effort to witness it since it is an incredible fight in the manga and a huge upset for the animation.

We hope we ranked your Best One Piece fights in this list, thank you for reading.

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