15 Best One Piece Moments

Best One Piece Moments

The first episode of the One Piece anime series aired on October 20, 1999, more than 23 years ago. One Piece is still going strong 20 seasons and more than 1,000 episodes later, and it’s one of the most-watched anime series ever. You can only imagine how many great One Piece moments broke the internet over the history of the One Piece anime. In this post, we’ll list the top 15 One Piece fan favorites and rate them according to their significance.

PS: we’re only going to rank scenes from the anime. And without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

15: Luffy vs Crocodile 


Luffy vs Crocodile 

The last in our list of favourite One Piece Moments is when The kingdom’s troops and the rioters are rescued due to Pell’s sacrifice, but no one will stop fighting. When Vivi cries out for the violence to stop, no one responds. When the mausoleum in the royal cemetery collapses, Crocodile thinks he has won. However, Luffy gets up, and the two pirates pick up their battle anew, with Straw Hat snapping the other’s hook.

Then he strikes him repeatedly, kicking him into the air and striking him till he crashes against the ceiling, knocking him out cold. Both sides note the sudden onset of rain, followed by the sound of Vivi’s voice as they halt.

14: The Rumbar Pirates’ Last Concert


The Rumbar Pirates' Last Concert

Brook is still able to recall his history. One day, Captain Yooki and other crew members had a very infectious disease; as a result, they decided to leave behind their friends who were attempting to escape the Rotta Maggiore via a band of calm. When Brook took over as captain, the company proceeded to the Florian Triangle, where another crew completely wiped her off with poison arrows.

The pirate gathered the bodies of his slain pals and buried them below decks in a few coffins after Brook’s spirit took a year to locate her body. He subsequently spent the next 50 years in total seclusion. The skeleton then determines that Luffy and the others should listen to the Tone Dial recording of “Binks’ liqueur” that he and his deceased friends made for Lovoon.

13: Ace’s Execution


Ace's Execution

We’re probably not entirely done with this one yet.

Numerous emotions are evident in this situation, including brotherhood, love, sacrifice, devotion, fear, bravery, and melancholy. The crowd wasn’t prepared for Ace to pass away, which made the situation much more upsetting.

To prevent his execution, the Straw Hats and Luffy did all they could. And they succeed! However, Ace, being Ace, leaps between Luffy and Akainu’s flaming fist to save his brother.

The passing of Ace marks a turning moment for Luffy. After that day, Luffy transitioned from a boy to a man. The story’s pace also shifted, and things became quite serious.

One Piece history must include a tribute to the Pirate King’s late son.

12: Mihawk Defeating Zoro


Mihawk Defeating Zoro

I recall being so sure that Zoro would triumph against Mihawk. The moment occurs relatively early in the series, and up until that point, we have seen how incredibly cool and powerful Zoro is as a character.

We understand that there are characters far more vital than our main characters when Zoro fails to defeat the finest swordsman in the world. Zoro’s setback also gave him a goal to strive for.

Even when he leaves a lasting scar on Zoro’s chest, Mihawk thinks of the courage and tenacity of the character. Mihawk respects Zoro and promises to keep his name in mind.

11: Luffy vs Lucci


Luffy vs Lucci

The marines keep falling to Luffy’s team one by one. Instead, Usopp notices a weary Luffy lying on the ground and irritates him, eventually making him furious. The CP9 agent decides to murder him, but Luffy stands up and starts fighting again to stop him. After leaving his friends to battle on the bridge, Sanji arrives in a chamber with the switch he was seeking for.

A marine with the ability to split into spheres is confronted by Franky, who then begins attacking him from all sides. However, Zoro steps in to defend him, and when he rejects them all, all that is left is the opponent’s skull, which Franky fires at one of the Navy ships to render him unconscious. Another marine then attacks Zoro with his bare fists, rusting the Yubashiri.

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When the attacker touches Zoro’s arm again, he renders him immobile. Usopp then fires a shot at the assailant, rescuing his buddy. After hitting Luffy with a second Rokuogan, Lucci decides the fight is done and leaves. The pirate remembers the people who had warned him that having Robin on the crew would be their downfall, yet he stands and starts hitting him.

Lucci uses the Tekkai to protect himself, but it is ineffective; as a result, he is flung first into the wall and then through it, collapsing unconscious on the ground. It is announced to everyone that Luffy has vanquished Lucci.

10: Luffy’s Gear 2 Intro


Luffy's Gear 2 Intro

To seize possession of the two towers that lower the drawbridge and let Luffy’s crew over the waterfall, the Franky Family divides into sections. Gomorrah advances even though he has almost entirely lost his vision due to the punches he has taken. But the animal remembers how Franky included him and Sodom among his friends, so he keeps going until he comes to another door.

A new report on the combat on the island is sent to Spandam, who finds out that Blueno is battling Luffy and that Oimo and Karsee have joined the invaders. Luffy is not content since the two continue to fight on an even playing field.

After his battle with Aokiji, he realized that he would need to develop his strength to defend his colleagues, and the circumstance he finds himself in now is only one of the scenarios he had foreseen. To do this, he uses a novel tactic called the Gear Second, with which he is confident he will quickly dispatch the adversary.

9: Sabo gets the Mera Mera no Mi


Sabo gets the Mera Mera no Mi

We aren’t searching for funny One Piece moments, but we got this! Gats struggles to explain to the crowd in the bullfighting colosseum why the toys have evolved into vicious people and animals. Rebecca regains her father’s memories as Diamante condemns Trebol for enabling Sugar to be victorious. Sabo decides to call it a day and demolishes the ring. He jumps onto the boss warrior fish holding the Foco Foco fruit and eats it, despite Diamond and Burgess’ best efforts to keep him from doing so.

With his newfound ability, Sabo further obliterates the debris, preventing it from reaching the underground. Hajrudin is there, displaying Usopp as the rescuer for people who had been reduced to toys. The sharpshooter orders them to demolish Smile’s facility since everyone thinks he will lead them, even due to a misunderstanding.

8: Whitebeard’s Final Speech


Whitebeard's Final Speech

Whitebeard and Blackbeard’s last conflict defines the One Piece storyline.

This is the first time we have seen a Yonko die. Whitebeard, one of history’s greatest pirates, was also the world’s most muscular man and, after Gol D. Roger, the person most closely associated with One Piece.

The persona of Whitebeard gives the spectator a glimpse of what a brave pirate looks like. This is how we imagine our favourite pirates to be: calm, brave, and real champions. Although the Blackbeard Pirates continue to attack him, Akainu’s Magma eventually tires him. But did he pass away like a typical pirate? Not!

Before passing away, Whitebeard asserts that One Piece is genuine before passing away while still upright.

7: Luffy gives Nami his Straw Hat


Luffy gives Nami his Straw Hat

At this point, we get insight into the actual character of the series and the reasons for Luffy’s selection as the lead character.

Nami takes the treasure, and the Straw Hat crew goes after her. The words “Warlord” and “Fishman,” which have significant roles later in the novel, are also introduced at this point.

Nami pokes at the tattoo that identifies her as a member of Arlong’s gang and is located on her shoulder. She is prevented from further injuring herself by Luffy. Nami pulls him away but begs for assistance while crying.

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When Luffy places his beloved straw hat on her head, the bond between these two characters is immediately evident. Of course, I will!” he screams, promising to defeat Arlong.

The Straw Hats essentially rescue the whole hamlet, demonstrating the power of our beloved group. One of the most recognizable sequences from the first One Piece is when they go to Arlong; it is brilliantly rendered.

6: Zoro’s Sacrifice


The world over, this heartbreaking scenario is hailed as one of One Piece’s finest moments. The World Government gives Bartholomew Kuma of the Shichibukai Pacifista organization the authority to eliminate any witness of Gecko Moria’s defeat.

Except for Zoro, all the Straw Hats are rendered unconscious when Kuma blows up the Thriller Bark with a bomb.

Just before Kuma is ready to remove Luffy’s head, Zoro kneels and begs Kuma to take his head instead of Luffy’s and spare the rest of the crew.

Sanji must be mentioned as he, too, momentarily regains consciousness and declares that he would be willing to donate his head in exchange for Luffy and Zoro’s safety. Zoro, however, who is willing to give his life for his comrades, knocks him unconscious once again.

Instead of just killing Zoro and moving on, Kuma informs him that to replace him; he would have to endure all of Luffy’s suffering and wounds.

Zoro gladly places his hands in the enormous pain bubble, or hell as Kuma refers to it, created when Kuma uses his Devil Fruit talents to extract Luffy’s agony.

Zoro manages to live despite no one expecting him to. Later, Sanji discovers him proudly standing while dripping with blood. Zoro simply responds, “Nothing occurred,” when the man inquires about what transpired. To the utmost degree, iconic.

5: Oden’s Death


Oden's Death

The information of the daimyo’s deeds spread, and Orochi and Kaido’s soldiers slaughtered the witnesses to the execution who had returned to support Oden. At the same time, Fukurokuju threatened Shinobu for disclosing too much. Oden also shared what he had learnt from his travels and his determination to reopen Wano Country’s boundaries, which had previously been closed by the Kozuki family. He gave the Nine Red Scabbards instructions to do this.

He sent the latter after the predetermined period, and Shinobu and hastened to go to Kuri’s castle. Kaido informed Oden that he had slain Higurashi, and the worn-out daimyo allowed the emperor to shoot him in the head out of respect, not to let him suffer any longer. Oden then fell into the cauldron and died grinning.

4: Zeff’s Leg


Zeff’s Leg

Sanji has one of the darkest backstories in all of One Piece. He simply can’t catch a break. Young Sanji couldn’t care less about pirates, particularly Zeff, who was stuck on a lonely island with him. Nonetheless, the subtlety of Zeff’s deeds makes for a touching moment when Sanji finds out that Zeff gave his limb to him. The fact that Sanji believed Zeff was this nasty pirate the whole time just to discover that he’s one of the most unselfish individuals he’s ever met is probably one of One Piece’s most memorable moments.

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3: Death of Ace



Ace falls to the ground after being wounded by Akainu. To defend him, his friends begin to fire on the admiral. However, their efforts are ineffective due to the fruit of his Rogia tree. Jinbe, Marco, and Vista successfully foil the second attempt to attack Ace, but Akainu is unconcerned because he believes the pirate is doomed. Although Luffy begs the Whitebeard Pirates to intervene on his brother’s behalf, the wound is fatal, and not even the strength of Iva can save him.

Ace reflects on his early years and the question that has followed him throughout his life: to know if he has the right to be born and to live. When people used to say that Gol D. Roger’s child would have to be tortured and killed just for being born, Ace would beat them up severely.

Despite his best efforts to control himself, Luffy starts crying. The boy thanks Luffy for loving him and requests that he tell his friends the same thing. After that, he passes away while having used up all of his Vivre Card.

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2: Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon


 Luffy punching a Celestial Dragon

As the auction continues, Charles arrives and sabotages the crew’s attempt to purchase Kayme by making her an outrageous offer. Luffy enters the auction house with the flying fish and turns it upside down. Hacchan stops the young guy from flinging himself on the platform, but in doing so, he unintentionally exposes his true identity as a Fishman.

Most people there are appalled, and Charloss shoots Hacchan after expressing happiness at the thought of freeing a new enslaved person. Reaching his breaking point, Luffy delivers a forceful blow to Charloss, the celestial dragon.

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1: Luffy Declaring War on the World Government


Luffy Declaring War on the World Government

While Sauro was destroying certain Navy vessels, his old allies started firing guns and cannons. At the same time, Ohara’s archaeologists were attempting to preserve as many books as possible by dropping them into the lake to prevent them from being consumed by the omniscient tree’s fire. As the evacuation ship was about to depart, Robin instead arrived there, but Spandine had instructed her not to embark.

Vice Admiral Kuzan’s ice shielded Sauro from his attempted vengeance strike on the CP9 ship after he had just landed. In an attempt to flee, Sauro attempted to drag Robin along with him, but Kuzan crippled one of the giant’s legs, forcing him to let the youngster go on his own just before he was entirely frozen. Vice Admiral Sakazuki destroyed the evacuation ship as his two buddies debated justice. He thought the danger of having even one archaeologist on board was too significant.

In appreciation of her relationship with Sauro, Kuzan agreed to help Robin escape in a boat when she arrived at another beach. When Robin arrived on a different island, word spread about his safety, and a price was put on his head. Before meeting Crocodile, who allowed her access to the Baroque Works, Robin attempted to live by staying with hosts who appeared to be kind. However, they finally sought to betray her by contacting the Navy to claim her reward.

Robin is concerned that Luffy’s team may one day desert her, just like everyone before them did in Enies Lobby. After giving Sogeking the command to destroy the World Government flag, Luffy insists that Robin declare his desire to survive. Then, Luffy gets ready to launch an assault.


Foxy vs Afro Luffy

Foxy vs Afro Luffy

Speaking of dressing up, we have another entry motivated by Luffy’s cosplaying tendencies. There are many tense, breathtaking battles in One Piece. The series also includes a ton of silly battles to balance things out.

Consider the altercation between Foxy and Monkey D. Both Luffy’s expression and attire are self-explanatory. Usopp told Luffy about “Afro Power,” so Luffy dressed in boxing gear and tried to fight Foxy. All bets are off once the Foxy Face Bombs begin to fly, though!

Chopper’s Bounty

Chopper's Bounty

The highest rewards in the One Piece universe have been discussed before. Despite the possibility that Eiichiro Oda would introduce new characters later, we know that Tony Tony Chopper currently has the lowest bounty. Have you ever considered who has the lowest, though?

It used to be 50 Bellies in the beginning, but now there are 100. 150 Bellies, maybe Chopper’s harvest by the end of the following year!

Luffy’s Impersonations

Luffy's Impersonations

If you can perfectly imitate someone, you can tell you are close to them. Being both a sensitive and robust combatant, Luffy often wears his feelings on his sleeve. He’ll beat you unconscious to let you know if he’s upset with you.

Luffy can somewhat physically emulate his buddies because of his rubber abilities. But what makes his impersonations so accurate is his insane attitude. He won’t be reluctant to express his love for you, though, if he does, even if that means making light of you sometimes.

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