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We have a cool subject for you folks. Best Zoro moments! It’s time to raise the anchor and set sail on a journey through the best moments of the one and only Roronoa Zoro. This swordsman extraordinaire has been slicing and dicing his way through enemies for years, and we’ve been lucky enough to witness some of his most badass moments along the way.

But don’t worry, we’re not just here to talk about Zoro’s tough guy persona. We’ll also be taking a look at his silly, fuzzy, and downright ridiculous moments. And let’s not forget about those awkward times when Zoro’s sharp tongue got the best of him and he said some not-so-nice things.

So, whether you’re a diehard Zoro fan or just looking for a good laugh, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to relive some of the best Zoro moments that have had us cheering, cringing, and laughing out loud. It’s gonna be a wild ride!


10: Laughing At Pica

Laughing At Pica

I don’t know if this qualifies as a Zoro racist moment but here’s what happened. The Donquixote Pirates’ members all had a rugged, threatening appearance when they were first introduced. Pica had the most intimidating appearance of all the officers, but that was just before he began to speak.

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Everyone believed they were in danger as he transformed into a huge statue using the Ishi Ishi no Mi’s power, but once Pica started speaking, the dread turned to amusement. When Zoro heard Pica speaking, he couldn’t help but chuckle out loud. Pica was quite enraged by this and made threats against Zoro and Luffy, but that only made the situation funnier.

9: Zoro’s fight with Mr. 1

Zoro's fight with Mr. 1

Continuing with zoro badass moments, we have Zoro’s confrontation with Mr. 1 of Baroque Works may have been his best to date. Due to the might of the Supa Supa no Mi, Zoro began the battle as a weaker opponent than Mr. 1, whose entire body was formed of blades.

Yet as the battle progressed, his ambition made him stronger, and he was able to vanquish Mr. 1 by discovering a Haki-like power. Zoro was able to learn how to cut steel during the process.

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8: Slicing The Galleon

Slicing The Galleon

Zoro was the first person to reach the Sabaody Archipelago during the time-skip, but Sanji was unable to locate him. Sanji came across a man while looking and showed him Zoro’s wanted poster. Zoro was identified by the man, who informed Sanji that Zoro boarded a galleon.

A galleon that had been cut in half emerged from the ocean a short time later. Zoro’s choice to cut the ship was resented by the pirates on the galleon. Zoro’s only response, when asked about his choice, was that he had boarded the incorrect ship.

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7: Zoro Took Fluffy’s Suffering

Zoro Took Fluffy’s Suffering

The story’s pivotal Roronoa Zoro event may have occurred in Thriller Bark, when Kuma assaulted the crew and demanded Straw Hat Luffy’s head. Zoro stood forward to battle him and was prepared to give up his own aspirations in order to defend everyone and the ambition of his leader.

This is especially heartbreaking because Zoro, who formerly was willing to kill anyone to achieve his goals, eventually came to value making Luffy the Pirate King just as much as those goals, if not more.

6: Zero Bowed to Mihawk

Zero Bowed to Mihawk

Another amazing Zoro moment occurred just before the two-year time jump in the narrative when Zoro made the decision to ask Mihawk to train him after receiving Luffy’s message.

Mihawk first resists the idea, but he quickly comes to see that Zoro is acting in Mihawk’s best interests as well as that of his captain and fellow crew members. It must have taken a lot of bravery for a man like him to swallow his pride and beg his fiercest adversary to train him.

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5: Arriving First After Time-Skip

Arriving First After Time-Skip

The Straw Hats realized what their captain meant when he said that the crew would be gathering after two years as opposed to after three days, and they started preparing for that time period.

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It came time for the crew to assemble at the Sabaody Archipelago when the two years were done, and to everyone’s surprise, Zoro was the first Straw Hat to reach the island. Zoro made fun of everyone by referring to them by their arrival number prior to the group setting sail.

4: Celestial Dragons

The Celestial Dragons landed at the Sabaody Archipelago for the human auction before the time-skip. Charlos was walking about hunting for more slaves before they entered. Zoro was going down the middle of the road without any hesitation while everyone else was on their knees in dread.

He approached Charlos and inquired with the Celestial Dragon for directions when they were finally face to face.

3: Strangling Chopper 

Strangling Chopper 

Zoro is a skilled swordsman and battle expert, yet he is also known to occasionally act recklessly. Zoro managed to get stuck in the chimney just as Aqua Laguna was going to reach Water 7.

He spent some time stuck inside the chimney before he was able to escape. Chopper saved Zoro, but as a result of the shock, he became attached to his face. Zoro attempted to concoct a false explanation when Luffy asked where he had been, but Chopper revealed Luffy the truth.

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2: Using Sogeking As A Sword

Using Sogeking As A Sword

The Straw Hats knew it wouldn’t be simple when they got to Enies Lobby, but they only had one mission: to save Robin from the grasp of the World Government. They had to contend with the members of CP9, a team of expert assassins led by Spandam.

Zoro was forced to spend this arc alongside Sogeking. As they had to deal with CP9’s Kaku and Jabra, the fact that the two were shackled together presented a serious difficulty. The idea to utilize Sogeking as his third blade was Zoro’s. Both Nami and their adversaries were taken aback by this maneuver.

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1: Whipping Kokoro’s Memory out 

The Enies Lobby storyline included a mermaid that the Straw Hats witnessed. They were shocked to learn that Kokoro was a mermaid—and not a particularly attractive one at that. The crew then encountered Camie, who had a more typical mermaid appearance.

As a result, when Zoro was introduced to Camie by Luffy, the swordsman realized that Kokoro was the first mermaid he had ever seen. But, he quickly blocked that recollection from his mind and pretended that Camie was the first mermaid he had ever seen.

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What is Zoro’s Most Iconic Moment?

Oh man, there are so many great moments, but I think his most iconic one is when he takes all of Luffy’s pain from Kuma’s attack and just collapses into a bloody mess. 

That’s some serious dedication to his captain!

What Was Zoro’s Best Fight?

Zoro has had some epic battles, but his best fight was definitely against the Fishman Hody Jones. Watching Zoro slice through that fishy dude like a hot knife through butter was so satisfying!

What is The strongest Move of Zoro?

Zoro’s strongest move is definitely his Santoryu technique, where he uses three swords at once to unleash a devastating attack. That’s some serious swordsmanship right there!

What is The Best Thing About Zoro?

The best thing about Zoro is definitely his loyalty and dedication to his friends. He’s always willing to put his life on the line for his crew, and that’s what makes him such a great character.

Who is Zoro’s Weakness?

Hmm, I’d say Zoro’s weakness is definitely his sense of direction. That guy couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag if his life depended on it!

What is Zoro Power Called?

Zoro’s power is called “Three Sword Style,” and it’s a seriously badass way to fight.

Who is Zoro’s Rival?

Zoro’s rival is definitely Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat crew. They have a bit of a love-hate relationship, but deep down they both respect each other’s skills.

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