Most Ridiculous Devil Fruit Powers

Most Ridiculous Devil Fruit Powers

In the vast world of One Piece, where extraordinary powers are bestowed upon individuals through the enigmatic Devil Fruits, there are those fruits that defy conventional wisdom and leave us wondering, “What were they thinking?” Yes, we’re diving deep into the realm of the ridiculous, where some Devil Fruits not only fall short in usefulness but also push the boundaries of absurdity. 

From fruits that turn you into a door to those that control hair growth, we’ll explore ten of the most preposterous and seemingly pointless Devil Fruits in this article. So, get ready to delve into the realm of bizarre abilities and discover how even in the vast sea of superpowers, some Devil Fruits are simply too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous devil fruit powers 

10 The Rust-Rust 

It creates rust, that’s all. 

The Rust-Rust fruit one piece

During the encounter with the Buster Call in Enies Lobby, the Straw Hats found themselves facing numerous Marines, including Captain Shu. He partook of the Fruit of Rust, enabling him to corrode and disintegrate metallic weapons with a mere touch. In reality, rust is universally perceived as a nuisance, prompting most individuals to either discard rusted objects or restore them. It serves as the very reason people employ rust-proofing techniques for their vehicles. Regrettably, this ability activates automatically, thereby risking the inadvertent corrosion of vital objects with a simple touch.

9 The Mark-Mark Fruit 

Just a useless fruit 

Mark Mark fruit one piece

The Fruit of Marking, a Paramecia-type fruit, was consumed by the nefarious Vander Decken IX, conferring upon him the ability to target any object from any location and at any time. While this may appear highly desirable for real-life snipers, its functional utility is minimal. To mark a target, the user must physically touch it with their hand. However, if that same hand comes into contact with another object, the initial target is instantly negated. Although the thing propelled by this power will strike its intended target, the user has no control over where it ultimately lands. Moreover, any obstruction in its path will redirect the propelled object, causing it to strike the obstacle instead of its original target.

8 The Jacket-Jacket Fruit 

It makes you a jacked 

Jacket Jacket fruit

Kelly Funk, an assassin, devoured the Fruit of Jacked Jackets, a Paramecia-type fruit that grants him the ability to metamorphose into a complete body jacket. This jacket can be worn by humans and animals, enabling the user to manipulate the wearer’s physique, harness their physical power, and enhance their speed. It’s truly astounding to imagine someone in reality deliberately pursuing the role of becoming a garment for others. This particular fruit necessitates an actual wearer; otherwise, it remains utterly devoid of power, thus earning its reputation as one of the most lackluster Devil Fruits in the world of One Piece.

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7 The Swim-Swim 

It makes you swim through anything

Senor Pink’s backstory may be sorrowful, yet his design leaves much to be desired, and his Devil Fruit is far from impressive. The Fruit of Aquatic Travel permits him to swim through the ground, walls, and even defy gravity by swimming vertically along surfaces. However, this fruit fails to provide any distinct advantage in terms of transportation and necessitates the user to swim without enhancing their endurance. The sole reason one might desire this power in real life is if they have grown weary of swimming in actual water, although doing so could effectively eliminate their ability to swim conventionally.

6 The Human-Human Fruit 

Just completely useless that’s all 

The Human-Human Fruit 

Chopper, the esteemed physician of the Straw Hat Pirates, owes his current position solely to his possession of the Fruit of Humanity. This Zoan-type fruit grants him the capability to transform into a human or a hybrid form, without which he would remain an ordinary reindeer. There exists no rational motive for an individual in real life to administer this fruit to their pet, as doing so would irrevocably strip away their pet’s animality. In the case of a human consumer, the fruit would have no discernible effect apart from rendering them unable to swim, rendering it the epitome of uselessness.

5 The Berry-Berry Fruit 

It turns you into Ito orbs 

The aforementioned Enies Lobby Buster Call introduced Captain Very Good, who consumed the Fruit of Berry. This Paramecia-type fruit allows its user to disassemble their body into a cluster of berry-shaped parts capable of floating in midair. While this power proves ineffective against adept swordsmen, it does nullify damage inflicted by blunt-force attacks such as punches. In terms of offensive potential, this fruit offers little, and its defensive capabilities become futile once someone seizes hold of the user’s head. Ultimately, this fruit only holds value in hand-to-hand combat scenarios, yet given society’s inclination to avoid physical altercations, the ability to become floating orbs becomes utterly useless.

4 The Ripe-Ripe Fruit

Makes you older

The Ripe-Ripe Fruit

Amidst its minor flaws, the Wano Arc has been a remarkable addition, introducing various Devil Fruits, including Shinobu’s Fruit of Ripening. This Paramecia-type fruit enables users to expedite or deteriorate any object they touch. While this power can also be applied to humans, it does not alter their mental state, and the affected individual cannot revert to their original age. Thus, it is plausible for a toddler, barely capable of walking or speaking, to possess a 30-year-old body. Given the prevalence of sickness, frailty, and death, most individuals prefer to halt the aging process, rendering a power that accelerates aging counterintuitive.

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3 The Spring-Spring Fruit

Turns your limbs into springs 

Bellamy, after concluding his piracy endeavors following the Dressrosa arc, managed to amass a bounty of 195,000 berries, despite possessing a somewhat whimsical Devil Fruit power. He devoured the Fruit of Springs, which grants him the ability to convert his limbs into spring-like coils, thereby enabling powerful punches through compression. In terms of practical, real-world applications, this Devil Fruit offers a solitary benefit: the ability to achieve significant heights at relatively fast speeds. However, it remains an inherently unsafe mode of transportation. Once a person initiates a jump, their trajectory becomes fixed, rendering them unable to alter course if confronted by another individual or obstacle.

2 The Ton-Ton 

Makes you heavier 

Ton Ton no Mi

Machvise, an officer within the Donquixote Pirates, possesses a Devil Fruit that allows him to exploit his size advantage. He consumed the Fruit of Weightiness, endowing him with the ability to exponentially increase his body mass. In a world where the majority strives to shed excess weight or maintain a healthy physique, this Devil Fruit holds little practicality. Moreover, the augmented weight can be exploited against the user under certain circumstances, further diminishing its desirability.

1 The Kilo-Kilo Fruit 

It makes you lighter or heavier 

The Kilo-Kilo Fruit 

Miss Valentine, a member of Crocodile’s Baroque Works organization, consumed the Fruit of Weight, granting her the ability to alter her weight. However, the extent of this power is somewhat restricted. She can decrease her weight to a mere 2 pounds or increase it to 22,000 pounds. Ordinarily, a power allowing weight reduction would be highly coveted in real life. Nevertheless, this fruit fails to modify the user’s physical form, denying them any health benefits associated with weight loss. Consequently, the notion of weight reduction becomes utterly meaningless.


What is the ridiculous power in One Piece?

Oh, where do I even begin? One Piece is filled with ridiculously wacky powers! We’ve got Devil Fruits that turn people into doors, give them the ability to produce explosive bubbles, or even transform their limbs into noodles. It’s a fruit salad of absurdity!

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What is the weirdest Devil Fruit?

Hold on to your hats, because this one takes the cake for weirdness. Imagine a Devil Fruit that allows you to control and manipulate soap bubbles. Yep, you heard it right. Bubbly battles and squeaky-clean victories await! Who knew cleanliness could be so strange?

What is the rarest Devil Fruit power?

Well, the rarest Devil Fruit power is like finding a needle in a haystack on a deserted island. It’s the fabled Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits, which grants users the ability to transform into mythical creatures like phoenixes, dragons, and even ancient dinosaurs. They’re so rare that spotting one is like stumbling upon a unicorn at a pirate convention.

What is the most offensive Devil Fruit?

Prepare yourself for some serious face-palming. The award for the most offensive Devil Fruit goes to the Sube Sube no Mi, which grants the user… smooth skin. Yep, smooth, silky, and utterly useless in a fight. Talk about a skin-deep power!

What is the hottest Devil Fruit?

Time to turn up the heat! The hottest Devil Fruit power goes to the Mera Mera no Mi, allowing the user to control and become fire itself. Imagine walking around as a flaming superhero, toasting marshmallows and scaring off mosquitoes. Just be careful not to accidentally burn down any pirate ships!

Who has the coolest Devil Fruit power?

Well, that’s subjective, but one Devil Fruit power that’s undeniably cool is the Hie Hie no Mi. It grants the user the ability to control ice and freeze everything in their path. They can create ice sculptures, turn the sea into a skating rink, and chill their drinks without a fridge. Ice powers are just plain cool!

Is there a legendary Devil Fruit?

Ah, the stuff of legends! While there isn’t a confirmed “legendary” Devil Fruit, there are fruits that have achieved legendary status within the One Piece universe. These are the fruits rumored to hold immense power or grant unimaginable abilities. They’re like the unicorn of Devil Fruits, sought after by many but rarely seen.

What is the fastest Devil Fruit?

Need for speed, huh? The fastest Devil Fruit power belongs to the Pika Pika no Mi, enabling the user to transform into pure light and zip around at incredible speeds. They can outrun a speeding bullet and leave Flash himself in the dust. So, if you ever challenge someone with this power to a race, just remember to bring a jetpack.

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