One Piece Names

One Piece Names

One Piece names can be confusing, but not today! Today we’re gonna be talking about 20 of the most relevant One Piece Character’s names.

One Piece is one of the most ground-breaking anime series we will ever see!

One Piece effortlessly captures its audience with its insane world-building, compelling plot, and the greatest suspense in anime history.

And despite having thousands of episodes and chapters, the narrative still manages to offer something fresh.

That in itself is a remarkable accomplishment. And while there are many factors that can be emphasized as the series’ main drivers of success, Characters are the one crucial factor that must be considered.

In all of anime, One Piece has one of the most incredibly richly developed casts of characters.

And from them, we’re going to list the Top 50. Let’s plunge into the depths of One Piece now, so grab your favorite Devil Fruit and relax on your couch!

20 of the most relevant One Piece Characters Names

Monkey D. Luffy

Birthday: May 5

Height: 91 cm

Our list’s initial Japanese name for one item is There is no need to introduce this young man in any way. He is among the most inspiring anime characters, in addition to being one of the most


Luffy, the series’ protagonist, has consistently received affection and admiration from viewers all around the world.

People have always regarded and admired him for his distinctive Gomu Gomu and his adaptable attitude.

That is one of Luffy’s best qualities. One Piece’s latest episode, according to fans, differs from the show’s debut episode because Luffy has matured.

He hasn’t changed, though.

Roronoa Zoro

Birthday: November 11

Height: 178 cm

The Swordsman works tirelessly to make every opponent shudder. In the world of One Piece, Zoro was previously thought to be Vegeta’s counterpart.

He is actually a far more complex character than that in reality. We as fans can’t help but fall in love with this man with the green hair because of how polished his demeanor, attitude, view on things, etc. are.

He wasn’t born special. He put forth a lot of effort to get all he has.

And because of it, he is perhaps more motivational than Luffy. But be careful not to pick up navigation from him.

Sanji Entity

Birthday: March 2

Height: 177 cm

This dude is really extremely fascinating. Not just because of his abilities, but also because of the way he is and how much he values women.

And even if it can initially appear a little excessive, Sanji gradually demonstrates that his morals go much beyond what we had previously assumed.

He puts a lot of effort and strength into the Straw Hat Crew, which is one of the many reasons why the anime community holds him in such high regard.

He also serves as the Straw Hat Pirate Crew’s chain-smoking cook. To me, the name is rather remarkable.

Overall, Sanji is a wonderful character in the series that merits greater adoration and acclaim.

Trafalgar Law

Birthday: October 6

Height: 191 cm

Law manages to rank among the most admired characters in the series despite not being one of the major characters in the program.

He leads the Heart Pirates and is recognized as a member of the Eleven Supernovas.

There is a more than one hundred million dollar bounty on this lone individual. Just consider it. Furthermore, it is reported that he almost always has a smile on his face and doesn’t really bother with anybody else unless he has to. This makes him incredibly alluring.

Additionally, he fights recklessly, especially when faced with dangers of greater gravity. All of this captivates our interest and affection for Law.

Nico Robin

Birthday: February 6

Height: 188cm

This beauty of high voltage is simply too wonderful to be true. Nico Robin joins us as the first female member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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She is the seventh member of the Straw Hat Pirates Crew, and when she was the correct age, her talents were so great that she had a reward of 79 million.

What a fantastic thing! She also possessed the Hana Hana No Mi, which enables her to create several copies of her body.

And when you consider it, that is really rather astounding. Additionally, she attempted suicide once, but our guy Luffy intervened and saved her.

She became emotionally attached to him and joined the Straw Hats from that point on.

Tony Chopper

Birthday: December 24

Height: 90cm

most admired character in the entire series, perhaps. The moment has come for our son Choppa, ladies, and gentlemen!

One of the main characters in the program is Tony Tony Choppa. This figure gets so much love and admiration despite not even being a person.

Choppa, a reindeer, has a reputation for being the Straw Hat Crew’s doctor.

He began to act, think, and move like a human entirely because of his Human Human fruit.

And that is when everything began. There is no doubting, though, that this adorable creature is simply too good for all of us.

Who else would be so adored, after all? He practically has a child’s personality, too!


Birthday: April 1

Height: 174 cm

Another show is a hottie with high voltage. Definitely some serious business. Even among those who haven’t watched the anime, Nami is a well-known member of the Straw Hat Pirates Crew.

She was reportedly the first Straw Hat Pirate in the anime, and her allegiance to the Straw Hats came much later.

She is reputed to be among the greatest navigators and unquestionably among the best in terms of attractiveness.

She is so useful because of her exceptional intuition and her techniques for tracking the weather.


Birthday: April 1 Age:

Height: 174 cm

The actual person is present! The storied God Usopp! He is a person who enjoys playing practical jokes on his team and generally creates a lively and joyful atmosphere.

He is not only attractive but also well-known within the series for his participation and actions.

But in addition to it, he is also rumored to be shy and incredibly courageous, particularly when things are awful.

He is someone who, at all costs, never deserts his buddies. And when you consider it, that’s actually rather remarkable.

He is also a very huge liar who is addicted to his entertainment and drama.

He is an essential member of the cast and the program, though, when you add up all of his positive and negative traits.

Portgas D. Ace

Birthday: January 1

Height: 185cm

Ace is a man deserving of admiration. And by respect, I really do mean a great deal. because he accomplished what no one else did. And I won’t reveal anything to you right now.

However, brace yourselves if you are currently watching One Piece. Very soon, this man will win your heart.

Ace uses his devil fruit to move down the Grand Line. He reportedly departed his tribe three years before Luffy did and is also claimed to be his brother.

He is also much more muscular and striking, which further demonstrates why he is so exceptional for everyone who sees the anime.

Overall, if you are an Ace fan, the novel has some serious business for you.


Birthday: April 3

Height: 266 cm

Brook isn’t particularly attractive in terms of pure design. That doesn’t exclude him from being a gentleman, though.

One of the pirates living on the Grand Line is Brook. Even though he is regarded as the Gentlemen Skeleton, he still has notable character flaws, particularly with his accent.

And that completely erodes his value. But given that he is still one of the show’s most adored characters, it doesn’t really matter in the long run.

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Additionally, listening to his songs is enough to respect him. He currently occupies the tenth position on our list as a result of this.

Charlotte Katakuri

Birthday: November 25, 1948;

Height: 509 cm

One of the show’s major characters and a member of the Big Mom Pirates crew is Katakuri. He ate Mochi Mochi no Mi, a Paramecia fruit, which is known as the devil fruit.

Furthermore, he is one of the most costly pirates in the whole production due to the nearly $1 billion reward on his head.

According to reports, Katakuri takes his duties as a member of his team and family very seriously. But because his Haki is so strong, he is really also a master. He has the ability to predict the outcome of a situation, which helps him plan his strategy for the war.


Birthday: March 9

Height: 225 cm

Franky is 225 cm tall and has the Pisces zodiac sign. He was formerly a worker for Tom and a member of the Franky Family.

He is currently a member of The Straw Hat Pirates, though. Additionally, he has the role of Shipwright in the program.

He is claimed to be 34 years old and doesn’t appear to be connected to any kind of Devil fruit. He made his debut in the Water 7 arc and goes by several aliases, including “Cutty Flam” and “Bakanky.”

Along with his enormous stance and peculiar smile, his design is also highly distinctive. He is also said to act swiftly to defend others in the face of conflict.


Birthday: March 9th

Height: 199 cm

One of the most well-known figures in the world of One Piece is Shanks. He is reputed to be a renowned and formidable Grand Line pirate.

He was a member of Yonko and the Red Hair Pirates, which explains why he was so well-liked. Due to his involvement with Gol D Roger’s gang, he is also Luffy’s hero. And it’s because of that experience that Luffy finds him to be so admirable.

His design reflects his association with the red hair squad, and he is known to have a very gentle and quiet demeanor.

However, it’s also asserted that he won’t engage in combat until it’s absolutely required. And when he does, the situation immediately changes.

Newgate Edward

Birthday: April 6th

Height: 666 cm

One Piece is filled with a ton of original designs. And Newgate Edward has to be among the group’s most distinctive members.

In the series, he is also referred to as Whitebeard. Furthermore, it’s said that in the world of One Piece, Whitebeard holds the strings better than anybody else.

Additionally, Whitebeard is said to be the person who has the best chance of knowing where One Piece’s treasure is.

His health issue, however, comes in the way of all his might. He deteriorates more and more due to his addiction to rum and his bad personality.

He remains one of the series’ best warriors in spite of everything, though. And having such quality makes a character stand out.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Birthday: 23 October

Height: 305 cm

We have Donquixote Doflamingo entering from the Shichibukai level. He is one of the series’ major antagonists.

He also had the Shichibukai title, which translates to “Warlord of the Sea,” as was already mentioned. Additionally, he led a separate group known as the Donquixote Pirates as their captain.

He was also a Donquixote family member and was believed to be carrying a reward of over 340 million Belis.

That is crazy. His whole impression and look are boss-like, and his design is also pretty outstanding. He is regarded to be one of the most admired adversaries in the entire series thanks to his glasses, which give him a considerably more evil appearance.

Fans also like his golden hair and flashy wardrobe, which rule the entire series.

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Jinbe Entity

Birthday: April 2

Height: 301 cm

Jinbe is incredibly tall and has a commanding presence. He is one of the most well-known characters in the series and is reputed to be 301 cm tall.

Additionally, he is a Helmsman and doesn’t appear to be connected to any type of Haki in any way. He served as the Sunny Pirates’ second captain and currently plays the show’s whale shark fisherman.

Additionally, he becomes Shichibukai in the series, which is itself a remarkable achievement.

His similarities to Shark don’t end there. Even his name, Jinbe, is said to contain the Kanji characters for the whale sharks.

And these Easter eggs just add to the show’s and the character’s brilliance and significance.

Boa Hancock

Birthday: September 2

Height: 191 cm

We have Boa Hancock, who is allegedly the Snake Princess in the series. She is one of the main characters in the program who is believed to be a member of the Kuja Pirates and holds the rank of Shichibukai.

She is also allegedly an Amazon Lily Emperor and a Pirate Captain.

Mero Mero no Mi, also known as the Love-Love fruit, is the demon fruit linked with this exquisite girl. Her type is known as Paramecia. There is a prize of more than 80 million dollars on her head.

It is very acceptable for someone of her size. Not all characters will be able to hate the World Government, after all, will they?

Donquixote Rosinante

Birthday: July 15

Height: 293 cm

We have Donquixote Rosinante, who goes by the unusual moniker Corazon. He was a former member of the World Government and one of the Donquixote Pirates.

He is also rumored to be a former World Noble and a Pirate Elite Officer.

He appears to be quite an overachiever in the narrative with all these accomplishments under his belt. His story doesn’t end here, though. He is also said to be connected to the Calm-Calm Fruit, Nagi-Nagi no Mi.

That fruit is also a Paramecia species. With smokes and an odd appearance extending across his complete character, his design is pretty intriguing.

He is significantly more distinctive than the other characters due to his white complexion and seeming blonde hair.

Dracule Mihawk

Birthday: March 9

Height: 198 cm

We have Dracule Mihawk, who is regarded as the strongest Swordsman in the whole One Piece universe.

He is a Shichibukai, as you might anticipate, and is regarded as a monster among monsters.

In the anime, he serves as Zoro’s ultimate foe, and it is said that he has the best fighting abilities. In spite of the fact that the Devil Fruit is never mentioned in the whole series, people insist that Dracule has eaten one.

There is no one who can match this man’s raw strength and power. His physical appearance is equally remarkable as you can anticipate.

He stands out with an eye-catching appearance thanks to his bright clothing and stark mustache.


Birthday: March 20

Height: 187 cm

Sabo is a character in the show who hasn’t yet had quite enough screen time.

He is one of Ace’s longtime buddies, and later becomes Luffy’s friend to the point that the three of them are referred to as brothers.

Sabo shares Ace and Luffy’s desire to leave the Gray Terminal and join the ranks of the pirates. And he allegedly made the decision to launch his business at the age of 17.

He is supposed to have the strongest ties to Ace and Luffy, and it was these connections that set him out in the anime as well.

His early design is identical to Luffy’s, with the exception of a few minor details and a different color palette. Altho we haven’t seen sabotage for enough time but still, he well earned a spot amongst the top 20 One Piece Names.

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