Sanji One Piece

Sanji One Piece

Sanji one piece is the Straw Hat Pirates’ chef. He joined the crew following the Baratie arc, but little was known about his past. 

It seemed strange because there was practically no information about his family. Nonetheless, Sanji decided to join the group and quickly made a difference by saving Luffy from drowning at Arlong Park. Since joining the Straw Hats, Sanji has contributed to almost all of the crew’s most significant successes.

Sanji loves the crew, much like the other Straw Hats, and willingly gives his life to protect them. Sanji is not only powerful but also incredibly generous and kind. The crew would suffer if Sanji were to depart, which is exactly what happened in the Zou arc when Sanji was compelled to travel to Totto Land. 

Sanji promised Nami and the others that he would return in a note he wrote before departing, but there was much scepticism around this statement because it was the domain of one of the Four Emperors of One Piece. Luffy decided to go to Whole Cake Island and confront Sanji there before bringing him back. Although there was a lot of action in the arc, Sanji’s backstory was also made clear.

In this article, we will attempt to cover some of Sanji’s story and then talk about 10 of his most notable dishes, but before that, we will answer a very nagging question: how tall is Sanji One Piece? The exact answer is 177 cm – (5’5) at the debut. And 180 cm (5’11 inches) after the time skip. Okay, so now let’s take a look at Sanji’s backstory. 



Sanji past

The child of Vinsmoke Judge and Sora is named Sanji. Judge wanted to use his offspring as weapons to grow his kingdom. Therefore he had children. After learning about the Lineage factor, Judge found that altering his children’s genes was relatively simple. He successfully changed Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji’s genes. This triumph made him very happy, but when he learned that his experiment on Sanji had failed, he was irate and imprisoned his son to keep the information a secret.

Sanji’s only transgression was that, like his mother, he was compassionate and unconcerned with violence. Sanji also enjoyed cooking, and Judge detested this trait so much that he imprisoned him. When Sanji’s future was bleak, there was yet some optimism. Reiju showed her brother that she cared by rescuing him from his jail in the flashbacks. Reiju pleaded with Sanji to leave the island and never return. Sanji complied since he had no other options.


sanji Childhood 

After being saved, Zeff and Sanji opened their seaside eatery, which they called Baratie. The restaurant attracted a lot of attention and rapidly rose to the top of East Blue’s list of must-see destinations. 

Zeff imparted several insightful teachings, including never hitting a lady. Sanji would rather die than hit a lady because he was raised with this moral code. While some people find it ridiculous, others respect Sanji for his chivalry.

Sanji is unique in that he respects food, which is another quality. Sanji never permits anyone to waste food since he learned the value of it after spending an extended period trapped on a rock. The experience of Sanji and Zeff on the stone also helped them comprehend the suffering of the hungry. As a result, they will feed anyone in need, even if they are hostile. Zeff, who informed Sanji that their hands are only for cooking food, is also responsible for Sanji’s inspiration for fighting solely with his legs. Until the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at the restaurant, Sanji remained with Zeff. Sanji refused Luffy’s invitation to join the crew because he felt obligated to Zeff. But, once Zeff reprimanded him, Sanji chose to support Luffy. Sanji, Zeff, and the rest of the cooks had a very tearful departure.

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Sanji and Zeff 

Sanji and Zeff 

After departing the Germa Kingdom, Sanji began working as a cruise ship employee. Sanji’s cuisine improved after a few years of working aboard the ship. 

Zeff’s crew assaulted the ship on a gloomy day but could not escape since both ships were caught in a violent storm. Sanji had stated his desire to witness the “All Blue” just before diving into the water. When Zeff learned of this, he decided to prevent Sanji from drowning.

For several weeks, the two of them were stranded on a rock. Zeff kept all the treasure while giving Sanji all the food to sate his hunger. When Sanji’s rations ran out, he considered killing Zeff and stealing his food. 

To his surprise, Sanji discovered only treasure when he punctured the sack. Sanji realized that Zeff had provided all of the food, and to survive, he had eaten his own limb. Zeff said they both had the same dream when Sanji questioned why he had done it. As Sanji heard this, he sobbed and promised that if they lived, he would assist Zeff.

A Cook That Can Kick! 

Sanji is a significant Straw Hat Pirates player. In addition to preparing their meals, Sanji is a superb warrior capable of defeating any foe. One of the crew’s brightest members, Sanji, is a part of the “Monster Trio.” Sanji has frequently saved his crew from impending death, and it wouldn’t be unfair to refer to him as the most resourceful Straw Hat after Luffy.

Sanji established himself as one of the wings of the future Pirate King by defeating one of the All-Stars during the Wano Country arc. Sanji currently ranks fourth in the crew in bounty with 1,032,000,000 berries. Sanji is, without a doubt, one of the crew’s most crucial members, and with the Egghead Island arc rapidly approaching, Sanji will undoubtedly be a key player in it.


10. Sea Pork and Hormone Soup

Sea Pork and Hormone Soup

This highly potent soup may replenish the strength and vitality of those who consume it. In addition to being delicious, a hormone soup cooked with marine pork is essential to repair injured characters. This soup warmed the kids up and gave them the energy they needed to continue after rescuing them from Punk Hazard.

This soup succeeded thanks to Ivankov, who showed Sanji how to connect food and medicine. With this assault cuisine, Sanji can help the Punk Hazard victims regain their courage and comfort.

9. The Wedding Cake of Big Mom

The Wedding Cake of Big Mom

The most complicated dish Sanji had ever created was Big Mom’s wedding cake. They produced a wedding cake that surpassed Big Mom’s expectations and Sanji’s fiancé, Pudding. Sanji breaks off his engagement to Pudding and decides to assist Luffy in taking out Big Mama. Luffy must find a way off Whole Cake Island since Big Mama is after him.

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After avoiding many of her favourite sweets, Sanji has to defeat Big Mama with this chiffon wedding cake. Huge Mama gets fascinated by the taste as she falls for their trap. This dangerously delectable wedding cake has served the Straw Hats’ needs and then some.

8. Marine Curry From Sanji and Taijo

A superb chef does not have to be the only one at the top. The Straw Hats encounter Taijo in the Alabasta arc, which harbours the same enthusiasm for exploring the All Blue as Sanji does. Sanji recognizes Taijo’s struggle to win over the Marines and offers assistance while the crew explores.

After only six months in Marine’s kitchen, Taijo has lost all faith in his ability to cook.

 Sanji demonstrates to Taijo how he can cook a flavorful straightforward curry by being confident and careful with the ingredients. After tasting this delectable Marine dish, the Marines’ taste buds were in awe, and Taijo now had more self-assurance.

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7. Soba Shop

Soba Shop

The latest arc of the Land of Wano began in Sanji’s soba shop. The other Straw Hats had to blend in while Luffy travelled through the unfamiliar region. Sanji’s facade of making fantastic soba is ideal since it gives him access to information about the residents of Wano.

People are waiting in line to get their hands on this delectable meal. Sanji’s soba shop’s success becomes crucial to maintaining its persona as regular people. Sanji has honed his soba for its flavour and his staff’s safety, and it is a lovely dish.

6. Traditional Seafood Rice

Traditional Seafood Rice

Traditional seafood fried rice is a dish that connects Sanji to his heritage. While considering how Sanji first joined the team, Zeff and the Baratie restaurant come to mind. Sanji learned how to cook from Zeff, who had saved him from starvation. This shrimp fried rice would play a significant role in Sanji’s future meals.

Despite working against them, Sanji had given this seafood fried rice to an adversary named Kreig so he wouldn’t leave hungry. As he consumes this dish, Kreig declares it to be the best he has ever had. The Straw Hats continue to adore this food that Sanji continues to prepare for them.

5. Luffy’s Meat On The Bone

Luffy's Meat On The Bone

In One Piece, dishes with meat on a bone are frequently encountered. Meat on a bone is a typical dish, but Luffy eats it before Sanji can complete the rest of the meal. Sanji, the ship’s cook, had to master this standard for Luffy’s benefit.

No matter how often Luffy has this dinner, it always seems flawless. Although Luffy generally has no problem eating meat, nothing compares to when his chef prepares this dish.


4. Sanji’s Bento To Luffy

Sanji's Bento To Luffy

During the Whole Cake Island arc, the Straw Hat crew experiences highs and lows. He is fighting Luffy in the hopes that he will leave him behind because Sanji is torn between sticking with his group and choosing his family. After Sanji departs, Luffy yells that he won’t eat or move until he sees him again.

Sanji gives Luffy the bento he packed for Pudding as he realizes his mistakes in prioritizing his family before Luffy. As Luffy claims that the bento is the best cuisine he has ever eaten, it stands for the dinner he had prepared for his mother. The bento may be filthy, but Sanji’s affection for his crewmates outweighs any stains.

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3. Straw Hats’ Special Meals

Straw Hats' Special Meals

Sanji is familiar with the crew members’ tastes because they share a ship. Sanji must perfect and develop new varieties of everything for the crew, from Franky’s burgers to Nico Robin’s sandwiches. Sanji does his best to prepare delectable meals till they can land, even though supplies are short and land is still far away.

Sanji must produce delicious cuisine while also making sure it is nourishing. Sanji finds the ideal method for ensuring everyone gets the meal they want using each Straw Hats’ unique specialties. Food is the crew’s most valuable weapon, especially for Luffy in physical warfare. Even Zoro cannot dispute how tasty the food Zoro prepares for him is.

2. Potato Pallie For Nami From Sanji

Potato Pallie For Nami From Sanji

When it comes to cuisine, Sanji constantly has fresh ideas. Sanji makes a lot of new recipes so the staff can enjoy various meals and avoid eating the same thing repeatedly. Sanji’s potato pallie, designed specifically for Nami, is one of his recent inventions.

With potatoes, which are always a good choice, Sanji goes above and beyond. This fried potato snack is one Nami enjoys. This delectable and light potato meal is ideal because everything Sanji prepares is lovely.


1. Sanji’s Touching Meal For His Mother

Sanji's Touching Meal For His Mother

The most significant dish served by Sanji to his mother comes first, despite the meal’s gory appearance. Fans observe Sanji’s mother eating and enjoy hearing her praise Sanji’s dinner. Preparing his mother’s first supper had more significance and tasted better than everything else.

The significance of this dinner lies not in its flavor but in understanding the passion that went into it. The sentiment behind this lunch is evident when you consider Sanji, an outsider in his family. Sanji’s mother’s acceptance of him for who he is today was solely due to this. For his mother, this food created with love could never be ideal.

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Who’s this Sanji Dude in One Piece?

Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates! He’s got mad culinary skills and can whip up a meal that’ll make you drool like a puppy.

Where Did Sanji Come From?

Sanji was born in North Blue and trained in a floating restaurant called the Baratie. He joined the Straw Hats after they saved the restaurant from some meanie pirates.

How Does Sanji Fight?

Sanji’s a total ninja, but instead of swords, he uses his legs like a pro wrestler! He calls his fighting style “Black Leg Style” and can kick some serious butt.

Is Sanji in Love with Nami?

Oh boy, is he ever! Sanji’s got the hots for Nami, but she’s not interested. Poor Sanji’s always trying to win her over, but she uses him to get what she wants. Ouch!

What’s The Deal With Sanji’s Family?

Sanji’s family is a bunch of wackos who are into assassinations. They’re called the Vinsmokes and disowned Sanji when he was a kid because he didn’t want to be an assassin too. But don’t worry, Sanji’s still a total badass!

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