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One of the most adored figures in the One Piece series is Shanks one piece. He is the leader of the Red Hair Pirates and a former crew member of Gol D. Roger, the fabled Pirate King. Shanks has experienced numerous noteworthy events throughout the series, but we have selected the top 20 of the best moments that this amazing character blessed us with. And stay tuned for in the FAQ sections we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about shanks, including the famous question; how strong is shanks one piece? 


The following might contain spoilers, so read at your own risk, and without further ado, let’s dive right into this! 

Here’s The Top 20 Best Shanks Moments

20. Saving Luffy’s Life

Saving Luffy's Life

Do you recall the scene from One Piece’s debut chapter where Shanks rescued Luffy from the Sea King? One of the most unforgettable scenes in the entire series, in my opinion. In other words, Shanks displayed how much he cares for his crew and their loved ones in addition to showcasing his great power and badassness. Also, that single act of bravery created the foundation for the beloved relationship between Luffy and Shanks. Fans will never forget this particular moment since it seemed like the beginning of an amazing pirate journey.

19. Confronting Whitebeard

Confronting Whitebeard

Shanks personally faced the Yonko when he arrived at Marineford to put an end to the conflict between the Marines and Whitebeard. This incident demonstrated Shanks’ boldness, self-assurance in his skills, and respect for Whitebeard as a fellow pirate. Before Shanks proclaimed that the conflict had to end, the two captains exchanged pleasantries.

18. Participating in The Pirate Festival

Participating in The Pirate Festival

the events of this moment took place in the movie “Stampede, where shanks participated in the pirate festival and easily demolished a gigantic monster like it was nothing. this duel didn’t only show a side of shank that is always ready to have fun and take it easy but it also showed that our good-looking kind friend shanks are also one of the mightiest pirates in the show.

17. Offering to Teach Luffy

Offering to Teach Luffy

After a long absence, Luffy ran across Shanks again, and he offered to teach him the ways of the pirate. This instance showed Shanks’ concern for Luffy and his confidence in him as a potential pirate king. It also demonstrated Shanks’ sage judgment as a captain and his readiness to impart his expertise to the following generation.

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16. Stopping The War

Stopping The War

In addition to ending the war, Shanks’ arrival at Marineford also spared numerous lives. This instance demonstrated Shanks’ authority and influence as a Yonko. It also showed how much he respected Whitebeard and cared about world peace.

15. Meeting With The Gorosei

Meeting With The Gorosei

Shanks had a meeting with the Gorosei, the head of the World Government, on Whole Cake Island. This scene highlighted Shanks’ significance in the One Piece universe and his impact on the balance of power between the government and pirates. It also suggested that a bigger confrontation might be on the horizon.

14. Confronting Blackbeard

After killing Whitebeard in the Marineford arc, Shanks encountered Blackbeard. This scene revealed Shanks’ rage and his resolve to exact revenge on his friend. It also demonstrated his might as a pirate and his readiness to challenge those who endanger the tranquility.

13. Revealing The Secret of The One Piece

Revealing The Secret of The One Piece

Shanks confessed that the One Piece was real and that he had seen it in the final episode of the Dressrosa storyline. This instance demonstrated Shanks’ knowledge and comprehension of the world’s secrets. Also, it made hints about the deeper, unsolved mysteries of the One Piece universe.

12. Showing Respect To Mihawk

Showing Respect To Mihawk

Despite their opposing groups, Shanks treated Mihawk with a great degree of respect when they first met in the Marineford arc. This incident demonstrated Shanks’ capacity for seeing his opponents’ strengths and prowess as well as his wish for peaceful cohabitation with other pirates.

11. Promising To Meet Luffy Again

Promising To Meet Luffy Again

Remember when Shanks promised to meet up with Luffy again once he became a big-shot pirate? That was such a cool moment early on in One Piece. It really showed how much faith Shanks had in Luffy’s abilities and how he believed he had the potential to become the Pirate King someday. It was like a sign of trust and confidence between the two bros, and it made fans love both characters even more.

10. Clashing With Whitebeard

Clashing With Whitebeard

Hey, remember that time we saw a flashback of Shanks and Whitebeard going head-to-head? It was like a total clash of the titans, and it showed off just how powerful Shanks really is. Like, you could practically feel the force of their attacks through the screen. The fact that Shanks not only survived but held his own against one of the toughest pirates in the world cemented his status as a total badass. Fans were blown away by his strength and skill, and it just made us love him even more.

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9. Celebrating With The Village

Celebrating With The Village

Shanks and his men joined the townspeople in their celebration after taking down the bandit team that had been harassing a nearby village. This instance exemplified Shanks’ generosity and affection for the people he meets along the way.

8. Warning The World Government

Warning The World Government

Shanks sent a warning to the World Government not to obstruct his objectives during the Summit War storyline. This instance demonstrated Shanks’ strength and his readiness to act to save his people and his interests.

7. Confronting Kaido

Confronting Kaido

Shanks introduced himself to Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, in the Wano Kingdom arc. This incident showed Shanks’ fearlessness and his readiness to face even the most formidable foes.

6. Standing Up to Teach

Standing Up to Teach

When one of Shanks’ crew members was insulted and attacked by Teach (Blackbeard), Shanks stood up to him and ordered him not to ever hurt his crew again. This instance exemplified Shanks’ devotion to his team and his readiness to defend them in the face of peril.

5. Meeting Ace

Meeting Ace

Shanks treated Ace, Luffy’s adopted brother, with love and respect when they first met. This instance revealed Shanks’ empathy and his capacity to find the good in people, even if they weren’t on his team.

4. Telling Whitebeard About Blackbeard

Telling Whitebeard About Blackbeard

remember that moment in One Piece when Shanks let Whitebeard in on Blackbeard’s plans to become a Yonko? That was a total power move, and it showed off just how smart and strategic Shanks can be. He knew exactly what he was doing by revealing that info, and it had a major impact on the rest of the series. It was like a chess move, you know? Shanks was always thinking several steps ahead, and that’s what made him such a force to be reckoned with. Fans loved seeing his mastermind skills in action, and it just made him even more of a badass in our eyes.

3. Facing Down The World Government

Facing Down The World Government

Shanks met with the World Government’s top officials during the Reverie arc and pressed them to abandon their plans to destroy the Shichibukai system. This instance exemplified Shanks’ strength and courage to challenge even the most formidable institutions in the world.

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2. Revealing the Scar on His Eye

Revealing the Scar on His Eye

It was revealed that Shanks had previously lost it while defending Luffy from a Sea King when he showed off the scar on his eye. This instance exemplified Shanks’ selflessness and readiness to endanger himself in order to defend people who matter to him.

1. Celebrating With Whitebeard

Celebrating With Whitebeard

Notwithstanding their prior disagreements, Shanks and his crew joined Whitebeard’s crew in celebration following the battle at Marineford. This instance demonstrated Shanks’ capacity for pardoning others and his desire for harmony among pirates.


Who is Shanks, and What Does He Do?

Shanks is a stylish red-haired pirate who enjoys drinking and having fun with his crew. Being one of the Four Emperors and one of the coolest kids on the pirate playground makes him one of the Four Emperors as well.

How Strong is Shanks One Piece?

Oh yes, he has watermelon-sized biceps and is as powerful as a large gorilla. In addition to having superhuman strength, speed, and durability, he is a skillful fighter who can employ the potent Haki powers to completely overwhelm his opponents.

What’s Shanks’ Relationship With Luffy? 

They’ve been best friends forever, man! Shanks is Luffy’s mentor and role model, and it was Shanks who gave Luffy the idea to become a pirate. He also gave Luffy his distinctive straw hat, which in the world of pirates is kind of the pinnacle of friendship.

How Did Shanks Lose His Arm? 

He lost his arm in the most heroic manner imaginable, not really, guy. He sacrificed it to defend Luffy from a Sea King monster in the first episode of One Piece. Talk about heroic!

What’s The Deal With Shanks’ Scar Over His Eye? 

You know it! His scar serves as a reminder of his rivalry with the ruthless Blackbeard. Before he joined the Four Emperors, Blackbeard gave him the scar, which serves as a memento of their great battle.

What’s Shanks’ Ultimate Goal in One Piece? 

It is an enigma wrapped in a riddle with mystery sauce on top. Shanks is a reclusive individual who keeps his goals to himself. He does, however, seem to seek stability and peace in the land of the pirates, and he attempts to stop disputes among the Four Emperors.

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