Strongest Vinsmoke Family Members

Strongest Vinsmoke Family Members

The Vinsmoke Family, consisting of every member of the royal bloodline ruling the Germa Kingdom, instills fear in the hearts of many within the world of One Piece. Initially portrayed as formidable antagonists during the Whole Cake Island arc, their allegiance took a dramatic turn after being betrayed by Big Mom, leading them to ally with the Straw Hats.

Unveiling the enigmatic history of the Vinsmoke Family shed light on Sanji’s past as well. Despite being a part of this powerful lineage, Sanji stands apart from his siblings, harboring strained relationships with most of his family, except for Reiju. Sanji has always maintained an air of secrecy regarding his origins, which is understandable considering the vicious nature of his kin.

In this article, we will cover the entire subject of the Vinsmoke family. So stick around and let the fun begin!


Vinsmoke Sora:

Vinsmoke Sora

While Sora, Sanji’s mother, was a member of the Vinsmoke family, she was not depicted as having any notable physical abilities. She was portrayed as being very ill during her appearance on the show. Sora needed to gain the strength to engage in battles or even move around quickly. Sadly, before her passing, she was considered the weakest member of the family.

Vinsmoke Reiju:

Vinsmoke Reiju

Reiju, the only daughter among the Vinsmoke siblings, needs to catch up in strength. She has demonstrated impressive speed and power, as seen in her brief clash with the Sweet General, Charlotte Smoothie. Reiju’s abilities include bending metal bars during childhood, and she is regarded as a capable warrior. However, she tends to focus more on politics and her expertise in poisons rather than purely relying on brute force. She remains a formidable family member while slightly below her brother in strength.

Vinsmoke Judge:

Vinsmoke Judge

Judge, the father of the Vinsmoke family, possesses incredible strength and extensive combat experience. He has engaged in a challenging fight against Sanji, where he demonstrated resilience by enduring numerous attacks and matching Sanji’s impressive speed. Ultimately, Judge emerged as the victor, albeit employing underhanded tactics. It should be noted that Sanji faced his siblings in similar emotional circumstances without issues. Judge is the strongest among his children, with only one surpassing him.

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Vinsmoke Niji:

Vinsmoke Niji

Niji, the second son, possesses exceptional speed among the Vinsmokes. His agility is such that he can make Sanji lose track of him, an impressive feat considering Sanji’s capabilities. Niji also exhibits durability and a fair amount of physical strength, making him a powerful combatant. However, despite his speed advantage, his overall power could be better compared to the top contenders in the family. Niji holds a middle position in terms of strength.

Vinsmoke Sanji:


Sanji, the third son, is the strongest among the Vinsmoke siblings. He can fight on equal or superior terms with all of them, even without relying on a raid suit to augment his abilities. While Niji surpasses him in speed, Sanji possesses significantly stronger attacks. Unlike his father and siblings, who heavily rely on raid suits, Sanji has never relied on such assistance. After receiving his raid suit, Sanji solidified his position as the strongest Vinsmoke.

Vinsmoke Ichiji:

Vinsmoke Ichiji

Ichiji, the eldest son, is one of the most muscular Vinsmoke siblings. Being the firstborn grants him a slight advantage, and he showcases remarkable strength. He has engaged in battles on equal footing with formidable fighters like Oven, although he suffered defeat against Katakuri. Ichiji’s superior strength is evident through feats such as blasting through obstacles like Perospero’s candy wall. While surpassing most of his siblings in power, he doesn’t claim the top position.

Vinsmoke Yonji:

Vinsmoke Yonji

Yonji, the youngest of the Vinsmoke siblings, is considered the weakest among those capable of fighting. Even with his raid suit, Yonji was easily defeated by Sanji when they confronted each other. Yonji’s battle feats fall short compared to his more powerful siblings. While he does possess strength relative to ordinary individuals, he lacks the prowess displayed by his family members.

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In this article section, we will discuss the subject, trying to cover it from all angles.

The rulers of the North Blue have long been the Vinsmoke Family, who conquered the entire region over 300 years ago. However, they eventually lost control and sought an alliance with Big Mom to regain power. Unfortunately, their plan turned dark when Big Mom plotted to assassinate them. Fortunately, Sanji intervened and saved them. Now, their future actions are still being determined following the failure of their alliance.

The current leader of the Vinsmoke Family is Judge, who may be someone other than the strongest fighter but possesses superior intelligence. He collaborated with the brilliant scientist Dr. Vegapunk in an illicit research experiment to unlock the secrets of the Human Lineage factor and cloning. The judge applied this knowledge to modify his sons, transforming them into formidable war machines.

Each of the Vinsmoke children has its distinct fighting style, characterized by colors. Reiju is known as “Poison Pink,” Ichiji as “Sparking Red,” Niji as “Dengeki Blue,” Sanji as “Stealth Black,” and Yonji as “Winch Green.” Despite Sanji’s disavowal of his Germa epithet, he is more commonly called “Black Leg,” paying tribute to his mentor, “Red Leg” Zeff.

The Germa kids’ hair colors align with their fighting styles, except for Sanji, who stands out with blond hair. This divergence from the matching color scheme highlights his uniqueness within the family.

The Germa kids share a distinctive eyebrow trait, with their eyebrows curving counterclockwise, resembling the number “6” associated with Germa 66. Sanji again deviates from this pattern, as both his eyebrows curl clockwise, emphasizing his divergence from his siblings and family.

The Vinsmoke Family has strong ties to the Underworld and is involved in various activities, including mercenary missions. They hold significant connections with “Big News” Morgan, the owner of the World Economics Journal and an Underground Emperor.

The Vinsmoke Family is renowned for its scientific technology, spearheaded by the brilliant Vinsmoke Judge. He created powerful soldiers for his army and genetically modified his children, except for Sanji, due to his mother’s intervention. The soldiers act as a formidable barrier, protecting Judge from enemy attacks.

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One of the most remarkable technological achievements of Germa 66 is the Raid Suit, a suit immune to fire damage. Each member of the Vinsmoke Family possesses a raid suit, which can be compressed into a small container for convenient portability. These suits enhance their physical abilities, making the superhuman Vinsmoke kids even more powerful. Sanji received his raid suit during the Whole Cake Island arc and utilized it in his battle against Pageone.

The Vinsmoke Family’s infamy extends to the world of comics, as they are depicted as the main villains in a famous comic strip published in the World Economic Journal. 

This comic serves as Marine propaganda, featuring a fictional Marine hero named Sora. The name of the Vinsmoke Family became synonymous with evil, further tarnishing the feared reputation of Germa 66.

Despite their notorious reputation, the Vinsmoke Family held royalty status and was even permitted to attend the Reverie. Vinsmoke Judge possessed enough authority to modify bounties and changed Sanji’s poster from “Dead or Alive” to “Only Alive.” Judge successfully concealed his secrets from the World Government, allowing him to participate in the Reverie until the events of the Whole Cake Island arc.


Who is the strongest Germa 66?

Iron Fist Yonji, the Mechanical Maestro.

Who is the 4th son of Vinsmoke?

Ichiji, the Flaming Fury.

Who is more robust, Ichiji or Sanji?

Sanji, the Fiery Footed Fighter, kicks it up a notch!

Who is more robust, Sanji or his siblings?

Sanji takes the cake, cooking up a storm of strength!

Who is the weakest Vinsmoke?

Niji, the Lightning Lagging Behind.

Who is the fastest Vinsmoke?

Sparkling Niji, the Speedy Stiletto Slicer.

Who is the strongest Vinsmoke?

Reiju, the Venomous Vixen, strikes with deadly precision!

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