Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper One Piece is about a Drum Island reindeer who became intelligent after consuming Human-Human Fruit (Hito Hito no Mi). 

His mentor Dr Hiriluk helped him find acceptance and friendship after he was tragically killed after passing on to him a passion for medicine, if not actual skill, Despite being initially banished from his herd due to a blue nose and being viewed as a monster by the inhabitants of Drum Island after eating his Devil Fruit. 

He then underwent instruction from Dr. Kureha to get practical medical knowledge. Despite his early skepticism of others, he has grown exceedingly interested in the world and eager to please since meeting and joining the Straw Hat Pirates. Chopper One Piece isn’t precisely a wimp in combat, despite almost usually being small and weak in his hybrid form. He is tall and quite powerful in his most human-like state. 

He has also created the Rumble Ball, a potent narcotic that, when used, allows him to change into seven other forms, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. He can transform into his enormous and potent Monster Form by ingesting three Rumble Balls, which results in his becoming insane. 

Most of his forms, except Monster Form, may be assumed without using the Rumble Balls due to his improved control of his Devil Fruit during the Time Skip. Due to his unintentionally hastening the passing of his father figure, Dr. Hiriluk, who was already ill, Chopper is a skilled doctor who aspires to become a doctor who can cure all diseases. 

In addition, despite his occasionally childlike conduct and naïve nature, he vows to establish his worthiness as a pirate. He conducts plant study at Birdie Kingdom to hone his medical expertise during the Time Skip and engages in battle training.

This article will look at 10 cute Chopper One Piece best moments. 


Top 10 Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece Moments

Compliment Chopper is Useless

Compliment Chopper is Useless

When will the One Piece characters realize that flattering Chopper doesn’t make him happy? This moron’s

It’s charming to see Chopper jiggling his hands and dancing while expressing discontent. Oda has used this joke a lot, and every time it works. Bakayaro! Konoyaro!

Chopper Uniting a Kingdom 

Chopper Uniting a Kingdom 

Bartholomew Kuma dispatched Chopper to the Torino Kingdom during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc’s events. He uses his talent to communicate with animals to resolve a long-standing conflict between the locals and the big birds of the kingdom, bringing the community together.

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The people and birds of Torino Kingdom even constructed a pharmacy with the name “Tanukichi Medicine Shop” in honor of Chopper.

What greater achievement can you dream of than to unite a kingdom and resolve a long-standing conflict yourself?

The First Fight 

The First Fight 

Sanji leaves Chopper to face up against Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas after going to save Vivi from Mr. 2’s clutches. Usopp joins him after a brief period of combat with them. As a Strawhat, this was Chopper’s first significant conflict.

And I’m pleased Usopp fought alongside him because by defending Luffy’s ambition, Usopp demonstrated to Chopper what it means to be a Strawhat.

Even though it was a fierce struggle, Usopp and Chopper prevailed.

Captain Chopper 

Chopper gives us a taste of what happens when a parent leaves a child home alone in a filler episode.

The Straw Hat Pirates find a pineapple-shaped island after their adventures in Arabasta, where they divide the work. Chopper watches the ship as everyone leaves to explore the island.

What transpires after that when Chopper is the only person aboard the ship? Coming out is The Great Captain Chopper! Going Merry’s leadership issues the following orders: “Luffy! Don’t consume others’ food!”

“Usopp! “Be more diligent!”

“Sanji! Make me some special foods!”

The Great Captain Chopper should appear again, but this time in the main plot.

Surviving a Yonko

Chopper confronts Big Mom’s assaults to stop her from destroying the Thousand Sunshine. Despite becoming hurt, he managed to repel a few hits from a Yonko. Do your worst, Big Mom! he even commanded her. If nothing else, I can take you to the water with me.

How many people in the One Piece universe can say they have engaged in combat with a Yonko?

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Queen of Bitch-Slapping

After changing into his Monster Point, Chopper strikes Queen in the face. Image source: Toei Animation

If surviving a Yonko onslaught wasn’t impressive enough, how about bitching a Yonko Commander?

In the heat of combat, Chopper produced antibodies to the Ice Oni virus and used his Monster Point to strike Queen in the face, letting everyone know that he is not a Tanuki.

Yeah, Marco’s assistance is what allowed him to strike Queen. The slap was famous anyway.

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Becoming into a Monster

Chopper consumes rumble balls while he is fighting Kumadori. Image source: Toei Animation

“Monster Point’s” look is reminiscent of a wendigo. Whenever I see it, Chopper gives me a shiver (Pre-time skip). Yet, despite his promise to Dr Kureha that he would never use this power, he does so to defend his friends.

Protecting Robin first at Ennies Lobby, then the staff at Sabaody. Even though he dislikes the label “monster,” he is willing to adopt it if it will benefit his pals.

Even though he looks so silly in that shape, as awesome as his pre-time skip Monster Point was, I’m glad he can now regulate his power.

Rumble Balls

Chopper demonstrated his creation, the Rumble Balls, during his battle with Chessmarimo. It is a substance that alters the devil fruit’s capacity for transformation.

His Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, has already given him three forms, but the Rumble Ball grants him four more: Jump Point, Guard Point, Arm Point, and Brain Point.

This allowed Chopper to defeat Chessmarimo and stop him from making fun of Dr. Hiriluk.

Finally, a Pirate

Chopper comes upon Sky Boss Gedatsu in Skypiea, one of Enel’s priests who used the Ordeal of Swamp to punish criminals. Chopper faced a formidable foe for the first time in a one-on-one battle. Even though he took a lot of damage throughout the struggle, he summons the confidence to stop hiding and face his adversary head-on.

He proclaimed that he had finally become a true pirate after defeating Getatsu.

Every Sickness That Exists Can Be Treated.

Chopper visits Dr. Kureha waving Dr. Hiriluk’s Jolly Roger after tragically losing Dr Hiriluk. He begs the old doctor to teach him how to be a doctor, vowing to become a doctor who can treat any illness because no illness cannot be treated in this world.

I have always cherished the scenes where a character expresses their aspirations. And after such a catastrophe, Chopper’s declaration that he wants to become a doctor who can treat any illness hurts me deeply.

Also, when Luffy has an incurable illness in the future, this dream of his will be used as a story point. But, unlike the time he spent with Roger, Luffy will recover thanks to Chopper.


Who is The Chopper in One Piece?

He is a reindeer who transformed into a human-reindeer hybrid by eating the Human-Human fruit. Therefore he is not a real chopstick. One of the most adored members of the Straw Hat Pirates crew goes by the moniker of Tony Tony Chopper.

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What is The Devil Fruit Power of Chopper?

As I previously stated, the Human-Human fruit is Chopper’s devil fruit power. It enables him to change into a fully human shape and a bipedal reindeer hybrid. Also, he has developed the capacity to speak and comprehend human language, which is helpful when he has to get his point across to his fellow crew members.

How Did Chopper Join The Straw Hat Pirates, and What is His History?

Chopper was once a reindeer that lived on Drum Island and was cared for by a physician named Hiruluk. The other reindeer avoided chopper after consuming the Human-Human fruit since he had developed human-like traits. He finally became a doctor after being adopted by Hiruluk’s apprentice Tony Tony Chopper (thus his name). As they assisted him in defending his home island from a wicked pirate, he joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

What is Chopper’s Role in The Straw Hat Pirates Crew?

The ship’s doctor, Chopper, is vital to the crew. In addition, he is the crew’s cutest member (don’t tell the others I said that), and his cuteness is a fantastic weapon for deterring opponents.

How Powerful is Chopper in Comparison To The Other Straw Hats Pirates?

He may be tiny and adorable but don’t be deceived. Chopper is a skilled fighter who has prevailed over some of One Piece’s most challenging opponents. Additionally, he is a very adaptable warrior because of his devil fruit abilities.

What Are Some of Chopper’s Most Memorable Moments in The One Piece Series?

It was one of his most memorable moments when Chopper assumed his “Monster Point” form during the Enies Lobby arc. He transformed into a vast, ravaging beast, but his crewmates eventually returned him to reality. Also, he has a beautiful running joke in which, depending on his mood or the circumstance, he assumes various forms.

What Are Some of Chopper’s Notable Battles and Victories in The One Piece Series?

During the series, Chopper engaged in spectacular combat against characters like Kumadori and Caesar Clown. But one of his greatest triumphs came during the Dressrosa arc when he used his medical knowledge to rid a nation of a fatal illness. That’s a victory in my book!

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